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Round trip around South America with my motorcycle: part I.III Venezuela - Round trip

Part I.III Venezuela - Round trip

Author's note: I had the chance to visit Venezuela and go throughout in this country. 4 stories of Venezuela were made at different times and with different bikes.

Hi everybody!

Here some pictures of my first motorcycle trip to Venezuela, the northern part of South America. The biker, with only 8 months licenced and with my second bike, a Honda Dominator 2001. 11 days travelling with my teammate and around 4000km of travel!

Day 1 510 km in total City: Mérida.

First day of the journey, from Mérida: city at 1600m altitude in the middle of the Andes and then climbing a summit at 4118m above sea level !! Some failures in the engine due to lack of oxygen. We are two on the bike with a limited but adequate luggage.

Dashboard Honda Dominator

loading Honda Dominator
Preparation and loading of the bike. We take a can with 4 litres of gas and a funnel for filling of engine oil... indispensable

Aguila peak Andes Venezuela
At 4118m altitude!

Aguila peak  road Andes Venezuela
Access road to 4118m alt. A terrible cold and almost 0 ° C.

Day 2 292 km today and 802 km total, City: Santa Ines

Small day trip and visit the national Venezuelan park between Coro and Barquisimeto. Several section off road.

spider national park quebrada del Toro cave Venezuela
Funny insects in warm countries.

national park road quebrada del Toro cave Venezuela
here below section of durty road, learning to drive on!

Day 3 205 km of route, 1007 km total City: Cabure

Dashboard Honda Dominator
Mileage in the morning of day 3.

Sierra de San Luis national park Venezuela
Landscape that is posibble to be encountered in a luxuriant nature.

Sierra de San Luis national park road Venezuela
Roads of Venezuela!

Day 4 359 km of route and 1366 km total, City Coro

Today we get the most northern point of Venezuela overlooking the Caribbean Sea. This area is very dry and sandy. First spin in the dunes and immediately an incident!

Medanos de Coro national park Venezuela
The dunes...

Medanos de Coro national park Venezuela
more dunes ...

Península de Paraguana route Venezuela
Crossing little roads

Cabo San Romain Península de Paraguana route Venezuela
and the most northern point of the country, Cabo San Roman

Day 5 today 613km and 1979km in total. Transition stages between Coro and Caracas.

Day 6 420 km and 2399 km in total. Transition stages between Caracas and Mochima.

Day 7 and 8: Rest on the Caribbean coast between sea and mountain. 0km day, 2399km in total. City: Santa Fé.

navigation national park Mochima Venezuela

navigation national park Mochima Venezuela

Diving  national park Mochima Venezuela

Day 9 164 km today and 2563 km in total. City Caripe.

Changing pace, my teammate must return to Mérida to go to university to study and I will continue the trip alone .

a flat tire Honda Dominator
Repair of prick at the edge of the road

 Caripe lake Venezuela
mountain landscape Caripe.

 Guácharo cave Caripe Venezuela

Day10 596 km today and 3159 km in total. Transition stages between Caripe and Valley of Pascua.

Tableau de bord Honda Dominator

Day 11 785 km today and 3944 km in total. Transition stages between Valley of Pascua and Mérida.

National park Medanos de Coro Venezuela

national park Sierra de San Luis Venezuela

The results from these almost 4000 km in 11 days:

-A huge pain in the hips, The seat of the motorcycle will be replaced!

-a fuel tank terribly small ... barely 13 litres and day stretches of road with 150 km without petrol station and almost 500km of night without fuel. It is the constant stress and obligation to drive on day!

A carburetor, sometimes walking very well then the bike holds 20 consecutive times for 1 hour and then it goes again as if nothing ... mystery.

-Broke of the motorcycle chain at the end of the route

-a puncture.

-Oil consumption : 1.65 litres per 1,000 km. I'll have to think about renewing the engine! On another side, he always starts easily and sounds good.

Next trip: discovery of Colombia.