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FAQs Regarding your Tour around Venezuela!

We'll show you a summary of frequently asked questions coming from most of the travellers that want to come to Venezuela. Click on a question below, so that you can be automatically redirected to the answer! Your active participation in the development of this webpage is highly appreciated. Feel free to send us your comments. Last update was on 04-06-2017.

1 - How to book a tour with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

Click HERE to book a tour with Franbrasil Tour’s C.A.

2 - How to pay my tour by credit card with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

Click HERE to pay for you tour by credit card.

3 - How to pay my tour by bank transfer with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

Click HERE to pay for your tour by wire transfer.

4 - How to cancel my tour with Franbrasil Tour’s C.A.?

Click HERE to cancel your tour.

5 - General Franbrasil Tour’s C.A. terms and conditions of sale.

Click HERE to see the terms and conditions of sale.

6 - What if I miss my national or international flight or if this is cancelled?

Click HERE to know what to do in case you miss your national or international flight or if this is cancelled.

7 - Subscribe or ask questions
8 - How to buy a domestic flight ticket in Venezuela?

Click HERE to buy a domestic flight ticket in Venezuela.

9 - How to book private transportation services in Venezuela?

Click HERE to book private transportation services in Venezuela.

10 - How to recognize a genuine travel agency from a fake one in Venezuela?

Check comments and opinions on this topic HERE

Unfortunately, there is a large number of fake travel agencies in Venezuela. It is always recommended to ask true professionals about every destination you are planning to visit.
What is a fake travel agency? There are currently many tour operators who work illegally in Venezuela, which represents a serious risk to travellers.
What is the difference between a legal travel agency and an illegal tour operator? This is basically the same difference there is between a non-professional painter who does his job in a dark room and a professional one who works for a certified painting company. The former is cheaper but provides no guarantees, and the latter is more expensive, but you know their service will be good. However, when you travel too far, you are risking more than a simple paint blister on the ceiling.
Who usually gets involved in these sort of scams? Every member of a fake company is going to be involved in the fraud! Not only the managers or directors of the agency, but also the tour guides, sea captains, drivers, airlines, etc.
How can I identify if my service provider is legal or not? This is relatively simple. You just have to pay attention to the following elements:
1-Address: This looks very obvious, but most of fake travel agencies in Venezuela do not show or have an address.
2-Landline telephones: Do not make deals with companies that just uses cell phones to communicate.
3-RTN code: Every Venezuelan travel agency must have a RTN national registration code to operate in the country.
4-Registration license code: Tour operators must have a TTT and VT registration license code to operate in the country. The former is used by specialised tour operators, the latter is used by common travel agencies. Specialised tour operators are companies that provide tourists with transport services such as sailboats, tourist vehicles, airlines, etc.
Where can I find information on the elements mentioned above? Travel agencies are forced to publish that information on their websites, so you just need to go there and verify it by yourself.
We took Metro Tours C.A as an example and checked if this company met the necessary requirements to be considered a legal tour operator and this is what we found:
1-They have a verifiable address.
2-They use a fixed phone.
3-They have published their RTN code.
4-They have also published their VT.
If we have already verified that the travel agency meets the requirements mentioned above, we have also made sure that it’s not a fraud (of course, this information is not useful to make sure whether the quality of service is good or not).
If you do not trust a tour operator, do not hesitate to speak with us before making a major decision.

11 - Can I bring my pet while travelling with Franbrasil Tour’s C.A.?

Our team has carefully discussed this issue, since this is not frequently asked question. We came to the conclusion that given the amount of stray dogs in rural areas, it would not be reasonable for you to bring your pet. In fact, we have been asking many hotels about this matter and we have only received negative replies. Is it possible for you to ask a friend or relative to take care of your pet while visiting Venezuela?

12 - In case I need it, how can I contact an authorised agent during my trip with Franbrasil Tour’s C.A.?

While visiting Venezuela, you can call any of the phone numbers down below:
0274.511.72.18 / 0274.416.98.92 / 0274.310.48.73 (Call between 7:30 a.m. and 03:30 p.m., Monday through Friday).
You can also contact a local authorised agent out of business hours. We will put you in touch with your local authorised agent around two weeks before flying to Venezuela. In fact, 24/7 telephone support will be available during your visit.
How to call? You can ask hotel staff, drivers or tour guides to let you use their phones to give us a call, or you can also contact us by dialling our international number on your own cell phone.
Warning! We recommend not sending text messages to communicate.

13 - How to insure my travel to Venezuela?

Franbrasil Tour's C.A. does not provide any type of travel insurance. We recommend getting travel insurance like Mondial Assistance or Europ Assistance for instance. Public hospitals in Venezuela are for free and medical assistance is acceptable; however, they are not the best. For this reason, we suggest visiting a private clinic in case you need medical care. Being repatriated is not difficult if you have bought the right insurance. You can also benefit sometimes from the travel cancellation insurance offered by credit-card companies when you are paying for your tourist package at our point of sale. Please check with your bank or financial advisor.

14 - What is the baggage allowance on domestic flights in Venezuela?

Most of domestic flight airlines in Venezuela allow a weight between 20 and 25 kg for your hold luggage and 6 kg for your hand luggage. However, if you fly to Angel Falls, they allow a total weight of 10 kg, and if you fly to Los Roques, they allow a weight between 10 kg and 20 kg per person for hold and hand luggage. Franbrasil Tour’s will offer you a solution if there are hard limits on the amount of luggage that is allowed.

15 - Important details on money exchange in Venezuela, can I use my credit card?

Important! Before you start to read this paragraph we recommend checking the last update on the page header. Numbers and dates shown here are intended for illustrative purposes only.
As you may know, there are currency exchange controls in Venezuela, so it is not advisable to use your credit card or go to a bureau de change. On the one hand, there is an official exchange rate; you would use this exchange rate if you paid using your credit card. On the other hand, there is a black market exchange rate, which is more profitable, although it is still illegal. The black market exchange rate fluctuates every day and must be negotiated between the parties concerned. In case you prefer this exchange rate, discretion is advised.
You may withdraw up to 600 Bs.F. from Venezuelan ATMs at a time; that is to say, around 2 or 3 euros.
ATMs will also charge you an additional fee of around 4 or 5 euros for withdrawal.
Franbrasil Tour’s C.A. does not dispense cash!
The highest denomination bill in Venezuela is equivalent to 1 Euro. So, make enough room in your hand luggage for your cash.
100 or 50-euro notes are easier to exchange than 5, 10 or 20-euro notes. The bolivars you have not been able to spend during your trip will not be exchanged for euros later on; just exchange what you really need. At least, you should have 50 euros per person a week to cover personal expenses such as food, airport tax, and so on.
If you really need to use your credit card, keep in mind the following tips:
1-When withdrawing money from an ATM, you will be required to enter your password and your ID number. As your credit card has not been issued in Venezuela, your ID number will not be linked to it. Therefore, you will have to enter 00 when the ATM asks you to enter the first two or the last two digits of your ID number.
2-If you use your credit card at a point of sale, you will be required to enter your ID or passport number in the credit machine, but you will enter the number 0 eight times (00000000) instead. Do not let the cashier to insist on entering your passport or ID number; otherwise, your credit card will get blocked.

16 - Can I give presents to the local people I meet during your trip?

We will really appreciate the kindness and interest that you can show while visiting the Venezuelan rural or indigenous communities. Based on our experience, we have realised that a simple smile and friendly or polite treatment is the best present you can give them.

17 - Is tipping mandatory in Venezuela?

Tipping is not common among Venezuelans, in contrary as it is in other Latin American countries.

18 - Can we go camping in Venezuela?

Common places to go camping in Venezuela are the following:
-Los Roques: although this is a common place to go camping, we do not recommend it due to the large amount of mosquitoes that come out in the evening time.
-Gran Sabana: it’s very common to see backpackers go camping here. This is the perfect place to set up camp especially for those who have a 4WD.
-Los Andes: When trekking in the Andes, it is very common to set up camp and sleep in tents.
-Roraima: Sleeping in tents is the only choice in Roraima.
For security reasons, it is not advisable to go camping in places that have not been mentioned above.

19 - What about Venezuela's insecurity issues?

We know insecurity is a big issue in Venezuela, and this can be a very serious concern among tourists who visit the country. However, the problem is mostly restricted to the “barrios” of some big cities like Caracas. As a matter of fact, in our tours we mostly visit areas of ecological interest, far from dangerous urban areas. Besides this, local tour guides will accompany you at all times. They will be aware and warn you about possible safety issues that could occur around you and take you to a safer area. We suggest reading the last comments posted by other Franbrasil travellers. There you will find some reliable information on this issue. If you wish, we can put you in touch with one of the travellers who posted comments, so that they can directly answer you any question you may have on this matter. Click HERE to read the testimonials.

20 - Where can I go in Venezuela with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

Franbrasil Tour's C.A. has a large number of Venezuelan destinations for you to choose. However, since we follow the recommendations of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development of France (Check HERE), we do not organize excursions in the following areas:
-Big cities like Maracaibo, Valencia or Caracas:
-Margarita Island
-Paria Peninsula
-Médanos de Coro National Park and its surroundings.

21 - How is my tour package price calculated?

We have two types of organisations: "Tailor-made" or “private”.
* The "tailor-made" organisation implies a custom circuit and customized dates. This does not prevent you from meeting other travellers during your trip.
* The "private" organisation applies when your circuit is "tailor-made" and you chose the “private care giver” option.

22 - How to buy an inexpensive tour package with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

Click HERE to learn how to travel cheap with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.

23 - Do all of the accommodation facilities in Venezuela have electricity?

Those who need electricity to run on any type of breathing machine during your tour should read the following: Our tourists mostly stay overnight at rural families’ houses, where they usually have power cuts at night, especially before going to bed. However, this does not happen in the main cities too often. Power outages are very common in Venezuela and can last for several hours. It’s important for you to know that only low-energy devices are allowed in rural areas, so we cannot guarantee you electricity at night. Please, let us know if this represents a major problem so that we can organise you a tour that best meets your needs. Do not hesitate to send us your questions on this point.

24 - Should I pay for tour package in local currency?

Our prices in USD or EUR remain stable the whole year. By contrast, if you decide to pay in VEF (bolivars), you must know that prices will be changing too fast due to hyperinflation.

25 - How can I post my comments on my travel experience with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

If you benefited from our services, you can leave your comments HERE or on the following discussion boards “Le Routard” or “Voyage Forum”.

26 - What are the differences between Angel Falls, Gran Sabana and Roraima?

Treks and excursions to Angel Falls, Grand Sabana, and Roraima take place in Canaima National Park. The first is a beautiful destination suitable for all kinds of people and we can get there by airplane. The second is a vast region where Canaima National Park is located. To get to the places of interest mentioned in our Grand Sabana tour package, it is necessary to drive long distances in a 4WD vehicle. (1900 km a 4-day return trip from Ciudad Bolivar and back again) This package is aimed at road enthusiasts. The third is one of our most beautiful and unique destinations. We offer a 6, 7 or 8-day trek to Mount Roraima which is the largest table-top mountain in Gran Sabana region.

27 - How many days is the trek to Roraima, 6, 7 or 8 days?

We strongly recommend the 6-day package. It allows you to stay 36 hours at the summit of the mountain and visit the most important places of interest such as: the Wall, the Valley of Crystal, the Maze and the natural Jacuzzis.
The 7-day package consists of the places of interests mentioned in the previous package and Punto Triple. It is an 8-hour long trek on the top of the mesa; you will be able to enjoy watching the magnificent views while trekking.
The 8-day package includes any of the attractions mentioned in the two previous packages plus La Proa (the prow), located in the northern side of the summit. Two 8-hour walks are necessary for you to get there. From la Proa, you can contemplate the amazing view of the endless Amazon jungle if weather conditions are, of course, good enough.

28 - Will you have tour guides?

Regarding tour guides, we recommend checking the following points:
1-You will have a local tour guide on each trip. Your price quote does not include a private English-speaking tour guide throughout your itinerary. This means you will not have a tour guide in places like Mochima (beach), during airplane transfers or in your posadas. Our drivers will leave you at the airport entrance for you to take your flight to your next destination or pick you up at the airport entrance to take you to your accommodation.
2-Our local tour guides know each area very well. That is, they will be able to take you to exceptional hidden places off the beaten track. In addition, they regularly take language lessons; and although their oral language skills are not perfect, they can easily make themselves understood.
3-Your private English-speaking tour guide is just optional. You may consider selecting a private tour guide in places where local tour guides are not present such as during airplanes or taxi transfers, in your posadas or in places like beaches. To sum up, a private tour guide will be with you all the time; that is to say, from the moment you arrive in Venezuela until you leave the country. This includes transfers and beaches.
By contrast, the local tour will be present only during your trips and excursions. Our agency assumes you will be able to take domestic flights by your own. This option will also make you feel more independent and it is less expensive.

29 - Is it mandatory to sleep in a hammock when visiting every corner of Venezuela?

You must sleep in hammocks in certain areas in the country such as Catatumbo Lightning (Click (HERE)), Caura (Click (HERE)) or Angel Falls (Click (HERE))

30 - What about the room distribution during my trips with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

The room distribution - in the regional cities - is mainly double or triple rooms. Single rooms are also an option to pay and is valid, again, only in regional cities. But, what is outside the regional cities? During excursions in the middle of nature, you will spend overnight in dormitories, hammocks or shared rooms.

31 - How to get medical assistance if there is a problem during my trip?

In terms of medical care, public and private hospitals will be found in all cities. If you do not have insurance, you should go to a public hospital, which is not very pleasant. If you have insurance, you can go directly to a private one. In any case, our guides, drivers and companions will be with you, and as you may already know, you can benefit from a 24/7 telephone assistance during your trip.

32 - How far in advance should I book my trip with Franbrasil Tours C.A.?

Depending on the seasons of the year, it is possible to reserve your tour well in advance with in order to guarantee the following conditions:
1-Avoid the price increase.
2-Ensure the availability of drivers, guides and inns.
3-Buy your international flights at the best price.
4-Guarantee the availability of domestic flights.
It is good to know that for the high season; from December to March and in August, domestic flights can be sold out much earlier. Be cautious!

33 - What languages will your guides speak during your trip with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

With respect to our guides, these are specialized for each area visited. When you go to the Catatumbo, for example, you will have your local guide, an inhabitant of the area, who will make you discover the most remote places of these exceptional areas. Our guides receive regular training in other languages, and although their oral expression is not perfect, it’s very understandable.

34 - Franbrasil Tour's C.A. responsible commitment

Our agency is based on the experience and competence of the local families. We work with a great harmony and mutual respect together with the locals. Our social goal is to help certain disadvantaged, and mainly rural, areas by providing them with training and decent work that will allow them to get a sustainable development in the modern venezuelan society. This goal is carried out from the everyday to a rich and sensitive human experience that allows us to offer you the best of this country and transform your local experience into a valuable support for the population. The staff of Franbrasil Tour's C.A. in addition to the legal social benefits of the Venezuelan Labor Code, private health insurance, continuous training in the English and French languages, gets an "adventure pass" every year to participate in different excursions, sports and ecotourism proposed by the agency, as well as economic aid for urban transport.

35 - Are there beds for babies during my trip with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

From the moment tourists leave for Venezuela with their babies, our agency warns their inns and hotels; however, baby beds are rarely available. With respect to the needs of the baby, we recommend you bring your basic things such as diapers, milk, bottle, etc. with you. In fact, it can be very difficult to obtain supplies in the country, even in regional cities or in the capital. Be cautious!

36 - What is the difference between a simple camp (Viviano) and a government ranch (Cedral) in Los Llanos region?

Concerning the accommodation in Los Llanos, here are the two main differences between each:
-Cedral: comfortable small farm, truck safari, fishing, searching for anacondas, and observation of animals by boat.
-Viviano: Simple accommodation in a house of a local family. In addition to the Cedral tours, you’ll be able to enjoy horseback riding and night safaris. Viviano is probably the best option to see the largest amount of animals.

37 - I'm a Club Med type of traveler. Is Venezuela good for me?

Yes, but… Beware!
Venezuela is not a destination for the impatient, punctual, demanding or fussy.
1- You must have a little bit of patience in Venezuela. You show up at the airport box office and the attendant tells you that you will board the door 5. Perfect! You think the hard part is over: WRONG! The information screen tells you to board the door 9. You realize that people are not very serious when following directions... no one at door 5, no one at door 9, and now you start running to the right and left in the terminal looking for a flight that departs in 15 min, and then there it is, finally, the plane will depart from door 6D.
2- “I was told ... I should be ready by 08:00 AM, so I'm ready with my bags in the hotel lobby at 07:40 AM! And the guide arrives carelessly at 8:10 AM” In Latin America there’s no hurry.
3- “I paid for a transfer from Puerto Ordaz to Maturín and the agency indicated to me a 3-hour trip” Yes, but ... a bridge falls, a cow crosses the road, the car is not that new and has a flat tire, there are demonstrations, there is no gas ... we are on vacation, isn’t it?
4- “I do not like this at all! I came on vacation and they ask me to get up at 06:00 AM!” In fact, in Venezuela we live to the rhythm of the sun. The day starts at 06:00 AM and ends at 06:00 PM, the same for our excursions!

38 - How can I get from Martinique/Guadeloupe to Venezuela?

By the time of writing this, there are no affordable flights or maritime transport between Venezuela and Martinique or Guadeloupe. Comments from travelers who have information on this subject are welcome.

39 - How can I get from French Guiana to Venezuela?

If you are fond of adventure:
1-By land via Paramaribo (Suriname), Georgetown (Guayana) then Boa Vista (Brazil). Santa Elena is located at the Brazil-Venezuela border, on the Venezuelan side. A several-day trip and a visa to Suriname will be necessary. Depending on the season, it takes between 24-72 hours to fully cover the road distance between Georgetown and Boa Vista. Perhaps you can travel by plane from Georgetown to Lethem. See HERE some photos of the "Transamazonica".
2-By plane, from Paramaribo to Caracas, with a connection in Port of Spain.

40 - What should I bring in my suitcase when travelling to Venezuela?

For your trip to Venezuela, we recommend:
Hat, sunscreen, canteen, walking pants, mosquito repellent, torch, rain poncho, a copy of your passport, sleeping bag, no special shoes (heavy and cumbersome) needed, but a good pair of sports shoes, plastic bags to protect your electronic devices from the risk to get wet, meds for your basic needs, coats, towels.

41 -What should I bring with me when trekking in Venezuela?

For treks like Roraima you should bring a hat, sunscreen, a water bottle, walking trousers, bug spray, a headlamp for camping, a raincoat, a passport copy, a sleeping bag, hiking boots or shoes, a sleeping pad, fleece jackets, and plastic bags to protect your electronics and gadgets from water.

42 - What is the best time to visit Venezuela?

There is not a best or worst time to visit Venezuela. Weather is tropical and changes little throughout the year. The driest season goes from December to April, and it is the best time to visit Los Llanos, the Andes, and the Caribbean coast. The rainy season goes from May to November, and it is the best time to visit Angel Falls, Grand Sabana and Catatumbo. During this season, there can be heavy rains for short periods of time alternating with beautiful clear days. It is definitely a difficult choice!

43 - Can I scuba dive in Mochima?

Scuba diving is organised at your posada (inn). Departure time is at 7:00 a.m. and then you will be transferred to El Club, Puerto La Cruz where you will get ready for the activity. It starts around 09:30 a.m. and ends in the afternoon between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. The boat must leave at least with 4 tourists on board. Weather conditions must also be taken into consideration. Scuba divers must bring their licence with them.

44 - What excursions should I expect when visiting Mochima and Choroní?

Excursions in Mochima and Choroní are easy to organise with the aid of the staff at your posada. We suggest asking them about your options from the moment you arrive at the place. They will give you some tips or advice based on your preferences and weather conditions.
+Mochima: Coral reefs, pods of dolphins, walks along the beach on the desert islands and scuba or free-diving are the main attractions in Mochima National Park. Accommodation: Posada Le Petit Jardin or Bahía Del Mar. +Choroní: people come to Choroní; especially for its peaceful environment, sandy beaches, Spanish-colonial style village, palm trees, walks along the beach, and cacao and coffee plantations, etc. Accommodation: Mid-range service posada El Turpial or world class service posada Bokaina.

45 - How can I organize my trip to Venezuela during the Christmas season?

Christmas season includes special days (21, 24, 25 of December and 1 of January). Please, send us your tentative arrival and departure dates, so that we can make you the best itinerary based on a customised content and price rates. Confirm reservations before September for us to guarantee you domestic flights at this time of the year.

46 - Can I plan a fishing boat trip on Los Roques while visiting Venezuela?

Los Roques Archipelago is internationally known for fly fishing for bonefish, which can weigh up to 6 kg. You can also fly fish for Atlantic tarpon, pompano, sarda, sea bass, and other fish from the coral reefs. You can go fly fishing at any time of the year; however, the best catch has been recorded from January to October. You can also go longline fishing for barracuda and tuna. You will be able to go fishing in both protected areas or in open waters. We do not recommend going fishing if you easily get seasick in open waters. An early return for this reason cancels the excursion which cannot be postponed.

47 - Can I buy a phone or a SIM card upon my arrival in Venezuela?

You are the only person who can buy a SIM card in Venezuela due to telephone server providers’ policies; Frabrasil Tour’s C.A will not be able to buy a SIM card on your behalf before your arrival. You could get at international roaming plan before coming to Venezuela.

48 - Will there be carriers during my trekking experiences with Franbrasil Tour's C.A.?

There are people who will carry only the belongings that are shared by the whole group; especially while trekking in the Andes or Roraima. They will also carry our food. You will just have to carry your personal possessions like sleeping bags or pads. Your backpack must not weigh over 15 kg. If you wish, you could also pay for a private carrier for your personal stuff. They will carry up to 12 kg.

49 - What do wall sockets look like in Venezuela?

Wall sockets in Venezuela are compatible with plugs type A; 110 V 60 Hz. You can buy an adapter before your arrival in country.

50 - Why aren't all the meals included?

Our multi-day packages usually alternate days in rural and urban areas. All meals are included when you stay in rural areas like Angel Falls or Orinoco Delta because it is difficult to find nearby restaurants. When you stay in main regional cities, not all of the meals are included because it is easier for travellers to find restaurants to suit all tastes. Regarding accommodation facilities, they are very comfortable in the cities and very rustic in the rural areas.

51 - How to choose among the several available options when visiting Angel Falls?

Angel Falls in One Day tour package usually takes place in the dry season, from January to April, but not in the rainy season (from May to December). In fact, if it is just a little bit cloudy, the flight over the falls will immediately have to be cancelled and it will have been a waste of time and money. In general, we do not recommend this choice, regardless of the time of year.
Angel Falls in 2D/1N with a boat trip to the falls included, except Canaima Lake due to lack of time (the whole excursion takes 24 hours from Canaima). This tour takes place at any time from May to December. In general, we do not recommend this option at any time of the year, since any unexpected incident could make the whole excursion be cancelled without refund.
Angel Falls in 2D/1N with a flight over the falls and Lake Canaima included, except the 24-hour boat trip to the waterfall. We recommend choosing this option between January and April.
Angel Falls in 3D/2N with or without a flight over the falls (optional) and with the boat trip. This option can only be chosen between May and December.
It is possible to combine any of the options above with the Kavac Full Day package. This includes the flight over the falls depending, of course, on weather conditions, and it also includes the Kavac Gorge. This option can be chosen at any time of the year although we recommend it between January and April.

52 - Are Franbrasil tours private?

None of our tours have a private tour guide, unless you choose that option. If you have any question in this regard, check the list of the services included in your price quote. Even when our tours have a 100 % customised organisation in terms of dates and content, they are not fully private, in the sense that you will eventually meet other travellers at any moment during your tour.

53 - Which kind of souvenirs can I bring home from Venezuela?

You can buy the indigenous arts and crafts you will find when visiting places such as Angel Falls, Grand Sabana, and also the arts and crafts found in some areas in the Andes and the Orinoco Delta. For instance, you could purchase a traditional indigenous hammock that costs around 60 euros or a musical Venezuelan instrument of the guitar or lute families called “cuatro”. Rum, bracelets, handcrafted jewels, wooden toys and dolls are a good choice as well.

54 - Can I ask Franbrasil Tour's C.A. to set a new date for our group tour package?

Yes, you can. Ask our agency to arrange a new date and a new group rate for you. You just need to respect the following conditions:
+Group rates are available only for some of our non-customised two or three-week itineraries (ClickHERE for the two-week tours, or HEREfor the three-week tours).
+If your group is comprised of 2 or 3 people, you must let us know your date of arrival in Venezuela 4 months earlier (payment confirmation).
+If your group is comprised of 4 or more people, you must let us know your date of arrival 75 days earlier at least (payment confirmation).
+We do not set new dates for our group tour packages if there is just one person travelling alone.
+We can set new dates at any time of the year, except Christmas season.
+You could also travel in low season. View details on the low season rates and dates HERE.

55 - How long does it take to travel between destinations in Venezuela?

Venezuela is almost four times the size of United Kingdom, so too much time is required to travel between destinations. In addition, domestic flights are usually delayed in Venezuela, so there exists a risk of missing your connections. However, we expect improvement in punctuality.

56 - Why do I have to take a bus instead of a flight when transferring from Ciudad Bolívar to Santa Elena?

Why travel from Ciudad Bolivar to Santa Elena by land? If you take this route you can get to the starting point for the treks to Mount Roraima.
Why not take a flight? Unfortunately, there are not regular airlines flying to Santa Elena.
¿How to take a bus to Santa Elena?
1-There is a type of bus for long distances called “buscama”, which is basically a very comfortable double-decker bus with reclining seats. It takes around 14 hours to get to Santa by bus.
2-We can also take you there in a private car for only 300 euros per journey. Click HERE for more information on private transport.

57 - Do traveller's cheques work in Venezuela?

In theory, traveller’s cheques are accepted in Venezuela. In practice, it will be very difficult to exchange them. For more information on this, click HERE.

58 - What vaccinations do you have to get before coming to Venezuela?

You must not get any specific vaccinations to enter Venezuela; nevertheless, we suggest following your family doctor’s recommendations. It is advisable to be already vaccinated against diphtheria, polio, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B, yellow fever and rabies. In addition, we strongly recommend getting the preventive treatment for malaria.

59 - Do I need a visa to travel to Venezuela?

You only need a passport to visit Venezuela for less than 90 days. Venezuela requires your passport to be valid for 6 months beyond your departure date.
If you travel by airplane you need to buy a return ticket showing departure and arrival time.
If you enter Venezuela by land, you could be required a tourist visa.

60 - What about the Zika virus in Venezuela?

Although we do not have any official information regarding Zika virus in Venezuela, we know some cases have been reported. The most affected countries seem to be Brazil and Colombia.