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Orinoco delta tour discovery 3D/2N - Venezuela

The Orinoco Delta is one of the eight natural regions of Venezuela. It is fan-shaped, and it’s formed by the Orinoco River as it splits into numerous distributaries, called caños, which meander through the delta on their way to the sea. The delta includes large areas of permanent wetlands as well as seasonally-flooded freshwater swamp forests. The river margins of the delta are fringed with mangroves.

  • - This expedition allows you to observe an exuberant and preserved nature as well as the regional native cultures.
  • - Multi activities included, new excursions every day along with your specialized guide.
  • - Night in an "over the water" camp; a guaranteed change of scenery!
  • - Delicious but simple meals, due to the supplying challenges (remote zones that are difficult to access)

Detailed program

video delta Venezuela

howler monkey Orinoco Delta Venezuela
howler monkey Orinoco Delta Venezuela
Day 1: Enjoy a Unique Experience in the Orinoco Delta

Today, we head towards San José de Buja. Real fun kicks off with a 1-hour boat ride through the channels of the delta until we reach our camp. At this surprising and cosy camp, you’ll have the experience of sleeping in an individual room in the heart of a mangrove, and eat a buffet lunch. During the afternoon, you’ll be able to canoe through the channels, accompanied by local guides that will teach you some Waraos traditions. Dolphins, butterflies, and parrots observation is also planned, as well as a snack on the boat while watching the sunset.
Meals: (-L-D)
Accommodation: Orinoco-camp; cold water and no electricity.
Transport: Boat.
Communication : No network.
tiger heron Orinoco Delta Venezuela
tiger heron Orinoco Delta Venezuela
Day 2: Spend Time with an Indigenous Tribe

In the morning, we’ll put on our rubber boots and leave camp after breakfast in order to visit the mangrove forest with your local guide. This will be a unique experience in which you’ll learn how the indigenous people manage to live in such a hostile environment. We will go back to camp for a well-deserved meal before we begin the piranha fishing adventure, having the chance to eat the fish for dinner.
Meals: (B-L-D)
Accommodation: Orinoco-camp; cold water and no electricity.
Transport: Boat.
Communication : No network.
native village Orinoco Delta Venezuela
native village Orinoco Delta Venezuela
Day 3 : Visit the Mangroves

In today’s excursion we will visit a Waraos community. Here you will realise the difference between our modern world and the traditional life of this indigenous people. With the help of your guide, you’ll be able to understand the positive and negative impact of the interactions between our world and theirs. During this visit, you can also get some indigenous handcrafted products and also learn how to make them by yourself. Once we leave this community, we will return to San José de Buja in the afternoon.
Meals: (B-L-)
Accommodation: none.
Transport: Boat.
Communication: Mobile network, 3G & Wi-Fi.
  • Double and triple accommodation in regional cities:
  • Normal price :190 Euros/p trip 3D/2N or 150 Euros/p trip 2D/1N (minimum 2 people)

Are included in this price:
  • - All the transports from Merida and back to Merida
  • - All the accommodations facilities.
  • - Meals when specified (B-L-D) = (Breakfast-Lunch-Diner).
  • - Guides speak English & Spanish.
  • - All the excursions and safaris mentioned in the programme.
Not included:
  • - International flights
  • - Alcoholic drinks
  • - Meals specified free (by yourself) (--) = no meal included
  • - Private English-speaking guide during the whole tour.
  • - Personal expenses
  • - All sorts of insurance.
  • - Everything that is not mentioned above « is included in the price».
Travel organization:
Our programmes are individually organised in terms of dates and content. However, our tours are not fully private, so you could meet other travellers at different stages of your trip.
What to Bring?
Hat; sunscreen; water bottle; hike pants; insect repellent; headlamp; raincoat; passport copy; sleeping bag liner; you don’t need big, heavy or cumbersome shoes, but good trainers (orienteering shoes); plastic bags to keep water away from electronic devices; first-aid-kit; polar fleece jacket; bath towel.
Further Advice:
Don't forget your travel insurance! You can benefit from the travel cancellation insurance offered by your credit-card company when paying for your tourist package at our point of sale. You must get neither a visa nor vaccination to come to Venezuela. However, Franbrasil Tour’s C.A. recommends you should get the yellow fever vaccine and the preventive treatment of malaria. You also need to have a valid passport for at least six months before arriving in Venezuela, and you have to carry it with you when travelling within the country.
Means of transport are mentioned as examples of the models of vehicles used most often.
Your advisor informs you: Don’t confuse the Llanos and the Orinoco Delta!
These 2 places are far of each other and are totally different. The traveler visits the Llanos because he wants to observe many animals as possible. However, the landscapes are monotonous and totally flat! You will visit the Delta in order to observe an exuberant nature and understand the native’s culture. Conversely, you won’t visit the Delta to observe animals! There are many animals but difficult to see. In the Delta, you travel by boat, in the Llanos by 4*4.
map orinoco delta excursion