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Galipán: a piece of unspoiled nature near Caracas Venezuela

Galipán is a safe and very pleasant place to visit in the middle of nature between the center of Caracas and the international airport. In a mountainous setting, green forests and a cold climate we would forget almost that an hour earlier we were leaving our international flight! Accessible by a vertiginous road, the small village with steep streets is typical and allows a real moment of calm and relaxation. You can sleep in small private chalet and eat strawberries with cream ... The view is breathtaking on one side on the Caribbean coast and the other on Caracas. You can plan a visit to the old Macuto cable car, which is now abandoned. It's a recommended stop on the first or last day of your tour.

  • -A stop at Galipán is mandatory when you arrive or leave Venezuela to fill up your batteries.
  • -A spectacular access road with breathtaking views of Caracas and the Caribbean coast.
  • -Spend a night in a small cottage and eat strawberries with cream.
  • - The lack of a communication network.
Your advisor informs you: go to Galipan
 Allow about 30/45 minutes from Caracas or 1h15 minutes from the international airport. A solid and reinforced 4x4 vehicle is mandatory!
discover Galipán Venezuela
discover Galipán Venezuela
discover Galipán Venezuela
Old cable car discover Galipán Venezuela

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