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Fish in the Amazon rainforest - 12D/11N

On this 12-day boat tour, we will go through a pristine vast jungle in Bolívar State in order to sail along the Caura, which is considered one of the most important rivers of Venezuela. The Caura is a tributary of the Orinoco River (the largest river in the country), and it drains the Guiana Highlands moist forests eco-region. Its basin is inhabited by both the Ye'kuana and Sanema indigenous groups. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the different fishing areas along the Caura and look for different species of fish. You will also be able to practice your favourite recreational fishing style aboard different types of boats. You can also fish from large rocks in the middle of the river or from the river bank; either in calm water or in the rapids. There are other places of interest that you could also visit such as the Pará Falls, a 5,608-meter wide Caura River waterfall, which the second largest one in the world. This half-moon shaped waterfall is formed where two parts of the river come together and drop down almost 60 meters, each side of a lush, green jungle island. Important: we would like to emphasise that accommodations are particularly rustic; that is to say, you will have to sleep in a hammock in the middle of a tropical rainforest for several nights. Although you can do this activity at any time of the year, the best time to visit the river is during the dry season which runs from mid-December to mid-May.

  • -In this tour, you will observe an exuberant and well-preserved natural environment, meet indigenous tribes and learn about their culture.
  • -This is an extraordinary place of high ecological value that you must discover!
  • -Your meals will be large, but simple. Food supply difficulties are common due to the remoteness of the area.
  • -Rustic and simple accommodations.

Detailed Itinerary

video fishing jungle amazonas Venezuela

Payara Caura river Venezuela
Payara Caura river Venezuela
Day 1: Arrival in Venezuela and Transfer to Ciudad Bolivar

Once your international flight arrives in Caracas, claim you luggage at the carousel. After going through customs, follow the transit flight sign to the domestic flights area; it will take you about 10 minutes to go from the international flights area to the national/domestic one. Next, check in for a domestic flight to either Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolívar, which will depend on the availability of flights that day. Once your flight arrives at any of the two airports mentioned above, there will be a private driver waiting for your arrival to take you to your posada in Ciudad Bolívar.
Meals: (-).
Accommodation: Posada La Casita (inn). Hot water and electricity.
Communication: Mobile, 3G & Wi-Fi.
Transport: Midsize sedan.
wild water fishing Caura river Venezuela
Fishing in the Rapids
Day 2: Arrival at our Base Camp in the Amazon Rainforest.

Today, we’ll leave our posada at 8:00 a.m and drive to the village of Maripa that is 3 hours away (230 km.). Once we get there, we’ll make a stop to eat lunch. After that, you and our guide will start canoeing upstream for around 4 hours until reaching Camp La Cocuiza, located on the banks of the Caura. While canoeing, we’re going to make several stops for you to start fishing.
Meals: (L-D).
Accommodation: Camp La Cocuiza in the jungle. Hammocks, cold water, electricity only at night, sanitation facilities (no shower, you can bathe in the river).
Transport: Mid-size sedan. (Ciudad Bolivar - Maripa) / Metal boat (Maripa - La Cocuiza).
Communication: Partial mobile network.
A Payara Fish
A Payara Fish
Day 3-10: Enjoy Fishing in the Caura River!

You can go river fishing in the many areas around Camp La Cocuiza, the Yokoré Island and El Playón. You could also make a makeshift camp in the forest in order to look for the right fishing area where you can find your best game fish. It’s also possible to sail farther upstream towards El Playón, so you can contemplate the impressive Pará Falls. Fishing in this area is mainly done from the river banks or from large rocks in the middle of the river.
Meals: (B-L-D).
Accommodation: Camp La Cocuiza. Hammocks, cold water, electricity only at night, clean sanitation facilities (no shower; you can bathe in the river).
Communication: No mobile network.
fishing boat Caura river Venezuela
Fishing Boat on The Caura
Day 11: Final Fishing Day and Return to Civilisation!

This morning, we’ll be sailing back to Maripa on a dugout canoe; and later in the afternoon, we’ll drive you all the way back to Ciudad Bolívar (230km).
Meals: (B--).
Accommodation: Posada La Casita; Hot water and electricity.
Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser series 70. (Maripa - Ciudad Bolivar)
Communication: Mobile network, 3G & Wi-Fi.
A Fisherman on a Boat
A Fisherman on a Boat
Day 12: Back to your Home Country!

In the early morning, a driver will take you to the airport in Puerto Ordaz or in Ciudad Bolívar (Any of these two airports will be chosen depending on the availability of flights that day). Then you will fly back to the Caracas airport from where you will finally return to your home country. Remember you should be at the departure lounge 5 hours earlier.
Meals: (-).
Accommodation: None.
Transport: Midsize sedan.
Communication: Mobile network, 3G & Wi-Fi.
  • Trip 12D/11N
  • 6 people or more:1590 Euros/p
  • 4 people :1790 Euros/p
  • 2 people :2490 Euros/p
  • high season rates: +15%

The following things are included in the price:
  • - All means of transport: flights, boat trips, 4X4 vehicles and taxis from Caracas and to Caracas.
  • - All of the accommodation facilities.
  • - Meals when specified (B-L-D) = (Breakfast-Lunch-Diner).
  • - Guides speak English & Spanish.
  • - All the excursions and safaris mentioned in the programme.
Not included:
  • - International flights.
  • - Airport taxes (about 5euros/pers/flight).
  • - Alcoholic beverages.
  • - Meals when not specified (by yourself) (--) = no meals included.
  • - Private English-speaking guide during the whole tour.
  • - Optional excursions (horse riding).
  • - Personal expenses.
  • - All sorts of insurance.
  • - Everything that is not mentioned above « is included in the price».
Travel organization:
Our programmes are individually organised in terms of dates and content. However, our tours are not fully private, so you could meet other travellers at different stages of your trip.
What to Bring?
Hat; sunscreen; water bottle; hike pants; insect repellent; headlamp; raincoat; passport copy; sleeping bag liner; you don’t need big, heavy or cumbersome shoes, but good trainers (orienteering shoes); plastic bags to keep water away from electronic devices; first-aid-kit; polar fleece jacket; bath towel.
Further Advice:
Don't forget your travel insurance! You can benefit from the travel cancellation insurance offered by your credit-card company when paying for your tourist package at our point of sale. You must get neither a visa nor vaccination to come to Venezuela. However, Franbrasil Tour’s C.A. recommends you should get the yellow fever vaccine and the preventive treatment of malaria. You also need to have a valid passport for at least six months before arriving in Venezuela, and you have to carry it with you when travelling within the country.
Means of transport are mentioned as examples of the models of vehicles used most often.
Caura river fishing map