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Trip to caripe and the Guácharos Cave

Caripe is a beautiful town in Caripe Municipality in the mountainous north of the state of Monagas in eastern Venezuela. We encourage you to visit this picturesque little town and enjoy its traditional lodgings. Discover its traditional coffee farms and explore the Guácharos Cave National Park, located 12 km from Caripe. It has as its centrepiece a large limestone cave. The cave was visited in 1799 by Alexander von Humboldt, who realised that the thousands of oilbirds (guácharos in Spanish; scientific name Steatornis caripensis) which live in the cave belonged to a species unknown to science. Oilbirds are fruit-eating birds that live within the first section of the cave; they leave at night in search of food. They produce an organic layer in the cave called guano, formed by excrement and vomited seeds, which provide the basic nutrients for the cave's ecosystem. The most important daily event in the park occurs in the evening, as dusk falls, when the birds exit the cave in great flocks, in search of food.

  • -You can explore the Guacharos Cave and discover this rare bird species.
  • -It’s also possible to explore the traditional coffee farms near cave.
  • -The cave is located halfway between Orinoco Delta and Mochima National Park, which makes it a perfect place to visit when travelling between these two locations.
  • -Traditional accommodations.
  • -The quiet and peaceful lifestyle of the people from Caripe is not compatible with visitor who are always in a rush.
Visit the Picturesque Town of Caripe for a Price that Best Suits your Pocket

Go on a FULL DAY trip to explore Guacharos Cave National Park and to visit the traditional coffee farms. The cost includes lunch, a driver and a tour guide. The price is 90 euros per person (the offered price is calculated for 4 people).
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