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Trip to the beach of Morrocoy National - Venezuela

Morrocoy National Park is located in the western Venezuelan coast in the state of Falcón. It has a wide range of areas rich in biodiversity and beauty. It contains areas of mangroves and coral reefs, and a large number of islets or cays where you can find spectaculars white sand beaches that are surrounded by crystal clear waters. The park is inhabited by numerous species of birds, reptiles and mammals. In the state of Falcón, you can also visit the city of Coro, which is the oldest one in the west of Venezuela. The city was founded in 1527, and it is located at the south of the Paraguaná Peninsula, flanked by the Médanos de Coro National Park. Coro was one of the first urban settlements founded by the Spanish conquistadors. It was also the first capital of the Venezuela Province. With cobbled stone streets and colonial buildings, its historic centre remains almost unchanged since the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1993 Coro and its port were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Check our discounts below or request a personalised price quote.

  • -Very beautiful beaches.
  • -Crystal clear waters.
  • -You can visit one of the oldest Venezuelan cities with a very well-preserved historic centre.
  • -You can also visit Los Médanos de Coro National Park, a desert with large areas covered with sand dunes.
  • -The beach town near Morrocoy is not very attractive.
  • -There’s a very road long distance between Caracas and the park.
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-7D/6N. This all-inclusive package includes domestic flights, road transport, full-board accommodation and daily excursions within the marine park. Cost: from 460 euros per person (This price has been calculated based on 4 people in two double bedrooms).

Your advisor will tell you about how to choose your beach destination:
Venezuela has a large variety of beach destinations such as: Los Roques: an archipelago with coral reefs accessible only by airplane; Choroni: a small charming colonial village surrounded by sea, mountains, and plantations of cacao, banana, and coffee; Mochima: a marine park with dolphins, coral reefs, and water sports; Morrocoy: a marine park with small isles and cays; and Margarita: the largest Venezuelan island where you can find large malls, good discos, and tourist crowds. This place is recommended for kitesurfing.

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Coro national park Venezuela
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